Future Games

Below are some of the games we are working on currently and/or testing at this year’s GenCon! Check back here often to see what new projects we have up our sleeves (or check the main GAMES section to see which games are currently out!)


You are a powerful force for good, and you may be humanity’s only hope. You are also a deadly bacteria struggling for dominance in a petri dish against dangerous enemies. Can you prove to the scientists looming above that you are the cure they have been looking for?

In Petri Wars, players collect and expend food to grow larger, move around the dish to gain strategic position, and attack other cells. Each time you add a new cell, it will have a special ability, defense, or added value. Choose and use these abilities wisely, because you can only use each one once.


In Codename: Centauri, players run an interplanetary business where they find and gather resources for planet-based companies. They must find or trade the best claims, effectively extract the resources, sell their materials for the best price, invest in the most advanced fleet while navigating the orbital routes of the star system. The most profitable business not only runs its operations efficiently but also leverages its influence and guile to keep ahead of its competitors. Some players will upgrade to the latest mining equipment that their company helped develop, while others save to add a new Leviathan to their fleet. Every choice has consequences.