Petri Wars



Petri Wars is a game for 2-4 players, ages 13+. Play time is approximately 30-60 minutes.

An experimental strain of bacteria is ready to be put to the ultimate test. Facing it are other hostile and deadly creations ready to wage war over the petri dish using all the tricks and adaptations at their disposal for survival. Can you guide your creation to victory? Are you ready for an epic battle of microscopic proportions?


In Petri Wars, players collect and expend food to grow larger, migrate throughout the dish to gain strategic position, and attack other cells. Each time you add a new cell, it will have a hidden special ability, defense, or added value. Choose wisely, you can only use the abilities of each cell once.

Players gather DNA by growing their organisms, occupying as much space as possible in the dish, and destroying and assimilating enemy cells. The Bacteria with the most advanced DNA at the end of the game wins!