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Love zombies? Hate High School? Then you’ll LOVE this game! The undead have risen among the jocks, teachers, and the bullies in your high school, but you’ve also been bitten! Race against competing students for the cure, then escape while you can before you become part of the undead student body as well.

Student Bodies is an intensely non-cooperative, horror survival game that breaks all of the typical zombie-game tropes. The players start, bitten, at one end of a zombie-infested hallway and must run down the hall in order to find an antidote in the science lab. Only then, cured of the zombie virus, can they attempt to return the way they came, through a host of their undead classmates, to the exit. You win if you get to the Science lab, drink an antidote, AND get out through the Exit door alive — FIRST! Once the first player gets out, they lock the doors behind them and everyone else loses. Because only one player will survive, everyone and everything else on the board – is an enemy! But eliminate another player too early – and they rise with a new goal. to kill you all.

Product Information:
Age Recommendation: 14+
Genre: Horror Survival
Product Dimensions: 15.5 x 12.2 x 2.5 inches; 3 pounds
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Price: $40