The Team


Below are the members of Angry Duck Games LLC. With over 50 years of combined gaming experience, these individuals have been dedicated to bringing you the most unique and creative ideas in modern tabletop gaming since founding the company in 2011. To learn more, feel free to email anyone on the team, or click here for general questions.


Game designer and president of Angry Duck Games, Matt is a veritable jack-of-most-trades. Matt designed his first game at 7 and was once told by a West Point representative that he’d be wasting his strategic mind and indeed his life if he didn’t go into the military and become a general. Currently proving West Point wrong (matter of opinion), Matt has been in the film and television industry for the last 10 years working in every capacity imaginable. Matt endeavors to bring a delicate balance of strategic depth and creative theme to every game that Angry Duck Games puts out to the public. The gamer comes first!


Aaron is responsible for any and all art designed for, associated with, and implimented in most ADG games (and the website!). With a dream starting back in 2008, Matt and Aaron started to seriously consider making table-top games as a company by sketching out ideas on index cards and playing them whilst watching Comedy Central. Those ideas and dreams have brought forth ADG today. Still working in art and design, Aaron colorizes the team’s ideas and brings them to life! While he still watches Comedy Central, Aaron is also an avid video gamer and currently works as a web designer/developer for the non-tabletop world.


Michel (lovingly known as G) is a game designer for Angry Duck Games. His responsibilities are creating new games, putting them to the test, and fabricating prototypes. G is a “mechanics up” designer and expert at uncovering exploits in any set of rules. G is experienced in a wide variety of games, second only to Ed. If given the spark of an idea, G will soon be found furiously scrawling cryptic notes in one of his game notebooks, or having a spirited debate over game mechanics with Matt. When not playing or creating games, G spends his free time listening to science lectures, cooking, or honing his skills as an artist. Originally from Danbury, CT, G now lives in New York City.


Mike oversees the business operations for Angry Duck Games: sales, customer service, communications, finance… basically all the boring stuff. Serious most of the time, Mike is known to bust out the occasional one-liner that reminds you he’s a bona fide geek. Mike is originally from Bethel, Connecticut and is a graduate of Bethel High School and Fairfield University. In addition to being a nerd, Mike is a rabid sports fan, and actually spent six years working in the front office of the New York Mets. Admittedly, Mike is the least “gamer” of the Ducks, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t kick your butt in a round of Dominion, Bohnanza or Sorry!


Tim Lee is the Project Manager/Publisher for Angry Duck Games. An avid gamer and lover of fantasy, Tim is also a trained actor. He has also been a writer, marketing consultant and a waiter. Tim’s interest in technology and science fiction has led him to study computer science as a hobby. Board and table top games have always had a special appeal to Tim because they bring people together to share in special moments of victory and defeat. Angry Duck Games seeks to bring new and interesting games to people and Tim hopes it will also help people find new joy in life.


Ed is a Project Manager and Programmer for Angry Duck Games, guiding the development and coding programs to support our various game projects. Ed’s background in management and engineering chemistry to manufacture pharmaceuticals ensures permanent retention of his geek card. That is before considering Ed’s sizeable collection of games, all types, board and video. Gaming is a social way to create your own interactive narrative, shaping its own story each time you play.